Sanayi Ve Ticaret

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Kasof 6025 model was designed and designed by KASOF MACHINE in 2016.

Its production was realized in 2017 and it is a non-equivalent design.

The new systems that are not in the world have been integrated and became a unique mobile borvek.

The main ones are;

* Variable bar shaft feature: Ø60, Ø40, Ø35, Ø30 and Ø25 busbar is the only machine that can be used.

* Honing feature: It is a special feature only for the casof 6025 model and has no precedent.

* Variable direction spindle feature: Kasof 6025 is the only system that can make 1 meter progress without stopping if desired.

designed is a few features. When the optional part is examined,

you will see that it is not in another system.

We produce Kasof 6025 model with special manufacturing status.

The production of Kasof 6025 model is made in Turkish.